Razer = Billion Dollars

We associate companies operating in the market of electronic devices primarily with multimillion profits that are achieved thanks to the high margins imposed on products. Sometimes we talk about sales of the device based on its cost, but such a situation is extremely rare and they serve a higher purpose – a lot of people looking for information on the cost of production of the smartphone, tablet, CPU, motherboard, are unpleasantly surprised about the amount that differs several times from the market value. One of the producers using brand loyalty is none other than Razer, which is an American corporation that has achieved many successes in the market of keyboards and mice. More than 16 years of development of Razer results in higher than a billion dollars valuation.

For some time the company from San Diego has also joined portable computers and other gadgets, expanding their portfolio – it’s not the same Razer selling mice and keyboards, maybe also headsets for gamers. What do you think, how much it the so well-known brand worth, along with his entire acquisition? According to the latest information from the web, latest Razer contracts with Intel revealed quite interesting amount likely to interest all players … and investors. According to available sources, the American manufacturer is now worth about a billion dollars, which puts it at the forefront of dealing with the broad gaming market.

Why do we talk about any Razer contracts with Intel? Intel Capital Fund recently supported many producers in the entertainment industry, such as Swrve, Hungama and Gaikai (acquired by Sony) – Razer, in addition to its gaming achievements, is also interested in the mobile market with its product called Nabu. Said band will debut in a few weeks, but its market success is at least questionable. Razer puts increasing emphasis on software and web services, where the increasing number of users is at the moment more than 10 million.

Tattoo History

While the topic of tattooing your body comes up pretty often nowadays, and it’s becoming more and more accepted by the overall society, I thought it would be an interesting think to talk about what we know in regards to body art history.

The word tattoo comes from the Samoan – tatau and means decorating, marking something or someone. The idea of ​​performing permanent marks on the body has already arose among ancient peoples, who thus determined the position and status of the person. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs and mummies were one of the first recorded cases of permanent body art. In ancient Greece and Rome, tattoos have also been used, mainly to mark their slaves, prisoners and convicts. Body Art was also characteristic for tribal tattoos of various tribes across the continents.

Not everyone could afford to have tattoos. Amongst the privileged people were tribal chiefs, shamans and warriors who are prepared to fight. There were also few cases of tribes when the warrior could only get a tattoo when he killed his enemy – as a kind of proof of his “achievement”.

Tattoos occupied an important place in the spiritual events and rituals. It had a very clear meaning. On the Polynesian islands women with tattooed forearms were considered to be endowed with special abilities and skills. Marks made on the wrist and fingers had to ward away evil spirits and diseases, and the girl tattoos done among certain tribes had to indicate their origin.

In Europe, the tattoo was discovered in the seventeenth century, when the first explorers brought their “achievements” from the period of colonization of Africa and North America. The settlers thought the visitors the whole art of tattooing one’s body, and this, together with them and their ships, ventured into the other regions of the world.


What to look for when seeking SEO Burlington services?

Google ranking and that of other major websites is a major boost in generating traffic to a website. This is important in the productivity of a website and for making sales if the company owning a website is customer-oriented. There are many SEO Burlington companies offering services to help your company rank among the top results in major search engine results. So how do you know how to choose the best?

Professionalism and qualified experts to deal with your search engine optimization. A good SEO Burlington company will offer you great SEO services undertaken by qualified SEO professionals and marketers. They must have qualified people in place to handle all the needs of websites that need proper SEO ranking and marketing. The conduct of business at the SEO Company also needs to be done professionally.

A guarantee to deliver the very best SEO Burlington services is a crucial part of a good SEO website. A company that trusts its own services will make guarantees to their clients to provide good rankings and market a website to generate the much needed traffic. Some companies even offer money back offers if you are not satisfied with their services. This is a good sign that they have faith in their own services and such a company definitely deserves to be chosen as your SEO Burlington service provider.The competitiveness in the online market involves millions of websites being made each day. Therefore, the ranking of a website on search engine results is bound to change in a matter of seconds. When choosing an SEO Burlington company for your SEO needs you need to be sure that their services are continuous and serve to keep the ranking of your website better than that of most of your competitors. 

In conclusion, SEO Burlington services must be sought by any website that has any plans of getting traffic to it. Making the correct choice is however very important and the only way to do so is seeking the services of the very best companies. Customer reviews and those of others can help in making your choice.

London’s Landmarks

In this article, I would like to show you the most popular landmarks of the England’s Capital, London. You may have seen some of them already but I believe the rest will come as a surprise.

London Eye was finished in 1999, and is also called the Millennium Wheel. It was the biggest Ferris wheel of its time, and still remains the biggest in Europe. It cost the UK’s government 70 million pounds, that’s about 350 million Zlotys by today’s conversion, and it measures 135 meters in height, while having 122m in diameter. It has been featured in the first episode of “Doctor Who” show, a popular British TV series.

Big Ben is probably the most recognized landmark of London, and many people believe it’s the name of the clock – they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the nickname of the Great Bell of the actual clock, which is located at the north end of Palace of Westminster. The tower’s official name is Elizabeth Tower, and it was completed in 1858.

Tower of London, also called Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress is a historic castle in central London. The White Tower was built by William the Conqueror in 1078, and further expanded during the next centuries. The castle took its name from the tower, and now it takes up 12 acres of space. The highest point of the White Tower is 27 meters tall.

London Dungeon opened in 1974 and was initially designed as a museum of macabre history. It was supposed to showcase the various torture methods and the dark side of medieval England for the modern youth. It now uses a mix of live actors, special effects and rides to do it. It has moved in 2013, changing location from Tooley Street to a place near County Hall, by London Eye.

Thames House is a Grade II listed building in Millbank London. Listed buildings in the United Kingdom are buildings that hold immense historical value of sorts – there are three grades, I, II* and II. An example of Grade I is the Buckingham Palace, about which we’ll talk later. Back on topic, Thames House was originally used as offices by the ICI – Imperial Chemical Industries (Dulux) – but has served as the UK Security Service (MI5) headquarters since December 1994. It has been featured in the “Torchwood” series, a spin-off of “Doctor Who”.

Tower Bridge was built between 1886 and 1894 and is a combination of a bascule and suspension bridge. It crosses the River Thames and is positioned near the Tower of London. It consists of two towers that have been “tied” together. It’s 244 meters in total length, 61 meters in the longest span.

Buckingham Palace is a Grade I listed building as mentioned earlier, and is the London residence and principal workplace of the monarchy of the UK. It’s located in the City of Westminster and was built in 1703. It has been a focus for the British people at times of national rejoicing.

Madame Tussauds is a wax museum in London with branches in a number of major cities. It has been founfed by the sculptor Marie Tussaud and has become major tourist attraction in London. The museum dispays waxworks of historical and royal figures, movie stars, sports stars and infamous murderers, such as Guy Fawkes. It’s owned by Merlin Entertainments, the second largest company in the entertainment industry, right after Disney.

And the last landmark, Houses of Parliament – the meeting place of the House of Commons (Izba Gminna) and the House of Lords (Izba Lordów). Its official known as Palace of Westminster, and it has been demolished in 1834 due to fire and was rebuilt between 1840 and 1870.

That’s it for today and I hope you’ve enjoyed the article.


What’s With Search Plus Your World

Google isn’t a search giant by coincidence. It is a search giant because its users keep coming back to it and its users keep coming back to it because they know they are valued. With Google’s dedicated team of engineers coming up with new ideas and their research team validating the updates and effects on search results, Google is constantly making sure that the right efforts are molding change and pushing search initiatives to new levels.

The latest “Search Plus Your World” is set to transform your searching experience, taking it to an all new arena of social connections.

1. What Does Search Plus Your World do?

  • It is basically a social search. It gives personalized results to your search queries. For things like ‘Tips to train your dog’, it will first give you live results from people, pages and places on the subject and ‘circles’ where conversations are happening. You’ll likely be shown results from conversations and posts that people you’re connected with socially have been posting…
  • It will give you the opportunity to ‘join’ discussions.
  • It will enhance networking and connecting over the internet

2. Why Search Plus Your World Is Important:

  • A new way to connect people and their needs on the internet.
  • Escalation of search – making it social
  • Social search is relevant in most cases where people are looking for purchases, investments, and updates which influence their life or local surroundings.

Search Plus Your World can give a new dimension to the way you search and the results you’ll find when searching.

3. What Would The User – Search Experience Be Like?

You will be able to control how results are delivered to you. If you don’t like the personal search, you can simply switch over to normal search and receive search results just like you used to.

4. How Safe Is The Browsing?

Are you wondering whether your search queries will be public? Will people know what or who you are looking for? Will social search steal your privacy? Well, for all these doubts, you can rest assured that all your content is protected and only between you and Google. With the https:// additionally secured browsing, websites are not able reach your personal data.

5. What’s The Catch?

This wonderful experience brings personal search and social networks to your search results page. In a way, it is integrating your entire virtual identity and helping you connect with people who have similar goals, ideas and interests.

What about Facebook and Twitter? Are they going to be left out of this revolution just because they are not Google products? Or will everyone make their contribution to enhance virtual residences? Only time shall tell!


Facebook Newsfeed Optimization for Business Fan Pages

It will be said time and time again, Facebook has revolutionized the way in which the world interacts and communicates. We use Facebook to conduct our own personal relationships, to communicate with distant friends and relatives, and to show support for products and companies we love. Not only have Facebook and other major social media hubs changed the way in which we conduct our personal relationships, but they have also altered the way in which we conduct our professional relationships.

Facebook is one of the leading tools for mass marketing and consumer relations. In this way, it is essential that businesses of any size or caliber utilize Facebook and all it has to offer for an optimal marketing strategy. By following these six Facebook Newsfeed tips highlighted by Social Media Examiner TV’s Mari Smith, you can better ensure that your company fan page will receive as much attention and interest as possible.

As Smith explains, 90% of people who “Like” your Facebook fan page will not return to that page. Almost all of the information that a Facebook user encounters about their friends and “liked” pages comes from their own newsfeed page. For this reason, it is essential that you, as a company fan page manager, take into account how Facebook determines what to display on your consumers newsfeed page.

Facebook takes into account three different factors when considering what to make more visible on an individual’s newsfeed. The Facebook algorithm looks at the affinity, weight, and recency of your fan page content. So, you should pay close attention to how often your fans interact with the content on your fan page, how many likes and comments your content receives, and how recent your content is on your Facebook fan page.

Follow these quick seven tips from Mari Smith for Facebook newsfeed optimization:

Tip 1: Less is More

When it comes to posting and content, less is more. Don’t over post. If you post too often you will annoy your followers and they will “unlike” your fan page. Try to post 2 to 5 times a day, but no more. Anything extra may be interpreted as spamming. We consider our personal Facebook pages intimate extensions of ourselves. If a fan page posts too often and shows up too often on an individual’s personal newsfeed it can seem intrusive.

Tip 2: Shorter Characters Count

Your posts should be short and to the point. Keep things clear and to the point. It has been shown that posts that are 80 characters or less are more successful than longer posts. An internet audience is impatient keep this in mind when you create posts on your fan page.

Tip 3: Multi Media Posts

Obviously, the type of content that you post to your fan page is essential to the success of your fan page. It has been shown that videos, photos, and questions are the most attractive content to Facebook users.

Tip 4: Use Full Links

As Smith states, this concept is a little counter to what we would normally think. However, posting the full URL of a link is typically more successful on Facebook than posting shortened links.

Tip 5: Pay Attention to Time

Interestingly, the time that you post to your fan page play a big role in how popular or successful that post is. It has been shown that the time between 10 am Eastern and 4 pm Eastern is the most productive for Facebook posts. Also, try posting after business hours because this is a time when many people use Facebook.

Tip 6: Thursdays and Fridays

Thursdays and Fridays have best engagement rates for Facebook users. Try posting things on these two days to ensure that as many users as possible will see it.

Tip 7: Post Manually

Facebook places more interest in posts that are done manually rather than by a third party application or tool that posts for you automatically. Facebook will likely put more interest in a post that you do manually than otherwise. So, while posting manually can be difficult every single time, you should try to post on your own at least once a day.