Facebook Newsfeed Optimization for Business Fan Pages

It will be said time and time again, Facebook has revolutionized the way in which the world interacts and communicates. We use Facebook to conduct our own personal relationships, to communicate with distant friends and relatives, and to show support for products and companies we love. Not only have Facebook and other major social media hubs changed the way in which we conduct our personal relationships, but they have also altered the way in which we conduct our professional relationships.

Facebook is one of the leading tools for mass marketing and consumer relations. In this way, it is essential that businesses of any size or caliber utilize Facebook and all it has to offer for an optimal marketing strategy. By following these six Facebook Newsfeed tips highlighted by Social Media Examiner TV’s Mari Smith, you can better ensure that your company fan page will receive as much attention and interest as possible.

As Smith explains, 90% of people who “Like” your Facebook fan page will not return to that page. Almost all of the information that a Facebook user encounters about their friends and “liked” pages comes from their own newsfeed page. For this reason, it is essential that you, as a company fan page manager, take into account how Facebook determines what to display on your consumers newsfeed page.

Facebook takes into account three different factors when considering what to make more visible on an individual’s newsfeed. The Facebook algorithm looks at the affinity, weight, and recency of your fan page content. So, you should pay close attention to how often your fans interact with the content on your fan page, how many likes and comments your content receives, and how recent your content is on your Facebook fan page.

Follow these quick seven tips from Mari Smith for Facebook newsfeed optimization:

Tip 1: Less is More

When it comes to posting and content, less is more. Don’t over post. If you post too often you will annoy your followers and they will “unlike” your fan page. Try to post 2 to 5 times a day, but no more. Anything extra may be interpreted as spamming. We consider our personal Facebook pages intimate extensions of ourselves. If a fan page posts too often and shows up too often on an individual’s personal newsfeed it can seem intrusive.

Tip 2: Shorter Characters Count

Your posts should be short and to the point. Keep things clear and to the point. It has been shown that posts that are 80 characters or less are more successful than longer posts. An internet audience is impatient keep this in mind when you create posts on your fan page.

Tip 3: Multi Media Posts

Obviously, the type of content that you post to your fan page is essential to the success of your fan page. It has been shown that videos, photos, and questions are the most attractive content to Facebook users.

Tip 4: Use Full Links

As Smith states, this concept is a little counter to what we would normally think. However, posting the full URL of a link is typically more successful on Facebook than posting shortened links.

Tip 5: Pay Attention to Time

Interestingly, the time that you post to your fan page play a big role in how popular or successful that post is. It has been shown that the time between 10 am Eastern and 4 pm Eastern is the most productive for Facebook posts. Also, try posting after business hours because this is a time when many people use Facebook.

Tip 6: Thursdays and Fridays

Thursdays and Fridays have best engagement rates for Facebook users. Try posting things on these two days to ensure that as many users as possible will see it.

Tip 7: Post Manually

Facebook places more interest in posts that are done manually rather than by a third party application or tool that posts for you automatically. Facebook will likely put more interest in a post that you do manually than otherwise. So, while posting manually can be difficult every single time, you should try to post on your own at least once a day.